Purse Power is dedicated to the celebration of the purchasing power and economic influence of women. 
You can become part of this movement by proudly wearing a pretty purse pin.  Please take a moment to browse our line of pins - not only a strong statement but a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Did you know that Women Influence almost 85% of the Purchasing Decisions in this country? 
We have the Purse Power! Pick a purse pin to match your "pursenality" !

We can speak at your next event!  Tobi Hunt, the founder of Purse Power, travels around the country to speak on the purchasing power of women and their growing influence in every part of society.  Contact us to have Tobi speak at your next event.  Call 303-926-4304.

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We are offering these purse pins to women to announce to the  world that we know our value and our power as decision makers, consumers, and business women. Like wristbands, we hope to help create a movement through  purse pin jewelry to declare the power of women's buying decisions.   We are strong, make smart decisions, and influence the future!

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Our Mission: To build a brand with the symbol of the purse that represents women's strengths, power, independence, and a strong voice in our society.  We have Purchasing Power, Political Power, and Product Power! 

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